Beer Cocktail a Day: Hot Scotchy

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The final drink of Brewing up Cocktails 2 and our last in the Beer Cocktail of the Day series is the Hot Scotchy. Since previewing the beer cocktails over the last week or two the Hot Scotchy has garnered the most attention because it is the most unique, most difficult to make and because it is so damn tasty.
For further unbiased evidence just take a look at Beervana’s “Hot Scotchy: The Greatest Beverage in the World” post or Oregon Live’s weekend event listing that proclaims “A hot scotchy is the best tasting drink you’ve never had—and it’s just one of six adventurous, genre-defying beverages waiting to be crafted for you on Saturday evening”
We are bringing the Hot Scotchy back using fresh unfermented wort from Upright Brewing.
If your not a brewer you may not know the term “wort” refers to the liquid that will become beer pre-fermentation. At this point in the process the wort is a hot sweet grainy cereal of malt nectar that you can clearly taste every ingredient in.
Thee Hot Scotchy is made by the taking the first runnings of the wort, very hot, as the sweet liquid is separated from the grain by washing it with even hotter water. The first runnings are the best as the earlier you remove it the sweeter and richer it will be. At this point a brewer would simply fill a pint of it and throw a couple ounces of whiskey into it. Our version we are upping the ante just a bit by layering a hand made whipped cream foam to the top, our cream is not sweet and really just adds to the overall smoothness and creaminess of the cocktail as it slowly melts into the drink.
In recipe testing we collected a growler of wort from Upright Brewing which was then refrigerated for freshness and then steam heated back up again within a couple days but just in the last few days we have decided to up our game a bit and actually produce a wort right at the bar. Instead of re-heating we will actually have a mini-mash from Upright of the grains for the recipe for Five farmhouse pale only scaled down to a 5 gallon batch size. We will actually create a mash in an insulated and fitted picnic cooler on the bar that we can then convert the starches to sugars and run off the mash fresh right there.
We have chosen Ardbeg for our spirit of choice, it is often considered the most peaty (smoky) of all whiskeys and its needed to really shine through the wort.
Try the Hot Scotchy at Brewing up Cocktails 2 this Saturday 11/13 6-10pm at The Hop & Vine

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