Unicorn Brewing Co. Rides a Rainbow Out of Portland U-Brew

Unicorn Brewing Company

Southeast Portland/Sellwood neighborhood homebrew shop, brewpub, and brew-your-own-on-premises spot Portland U-Brew is rebranding its in-house brewery beers to Unicorn Brewing Company. Owner and brewer Jason Webb is so busy brewing special beers for outside accounts in addition to homebrewers and other guests who want to come in to learn to brew hands-on that he needed to hire a 2nd brewer and more clearly separate the beers. It’s a similar move to the brewery’s neighbors at Philadelphia’s Steaks & Hoagies, who have found after adding a new brewery and rebranding to 13 Virtues Brewing.


At Portland U-Brew there are nine new 1.5bbl tanks for a total of 15, and the brewery is working with as many as twenty accounts contracting their own beer. Some of these accounts include the two Scout Beer Garden locations, which have their own branded beer brewed at U-Brew in some fun and crazy recent flavors like Cinnamon Raisin Oatmeal Pale Ale, Pink Peppercorn IPA, and Blackberry Red. So you will see Jason Webb’s beer now on tap as Unicorn Brewing at the pub in Sellwood and other locations around town, except when poured at the other exclusive accounts, such as new additions like the Richmond Bar on SE Division and Dr. Jack’s in the Moda Center that will call the beer their own creations.

Webb says he needs to hire a new brewer to keep up by October 1st. It’s a salary position Thursday through Sunday, and the new hire would teach U-Brew’s all-grain brewing class on Friday-Sunday. Hit up Jason ASAP if you’re interested. So why the name Unicorn Brewing Company? “Because it’s magical,” says Jason Webb.

Samurai Artist
Samurai Artist

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