Cascade Brewing Announces Sour Fruit Fest, New Branding and 2017 Release Calendar

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Cascade Brewing has had a busy start to the new year, with new branding that includes a total refresh of logo and beer labels, the announcement of the 2017 beer release schedule, and now the 6th annual Sour Fruit Fest. You may have seen Cascade’s much improved new logo, as it leaked awhile back, but now the entire brand is looking classier than ever, and there are some first time ever new fruit sour bottlings like Kentucky Peach to show off the new look. Meanwhile, the Sour Fruit Fest will run Feb. 22 through Feb. 26 at both Cascade Brewing Barrel House and Raccoon Lodge and Brewpub. More info from the brewery below:
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On Feb. 14Cascade Brewing will launch Sang Du Chêne, its first bottle release to feature a newly redesigned label and logo. Meaning “blood of the oak,” Sang du Chêne features sour strong blond and triple ales aged in three large format oak vessels: foudres, puncheons, and hogsheads. The oak influences provide flavors of toasted sugars, vanilla and spice, complemented by the bright acidity and fruity character of the beer.

New Branding and Labels

Cascade has unveiled three distinct label formats, one for each of the three tiers of products it produces. The three tiers are based on the ingredients used in the beer, the time the beer is aged in the barrel, and the type of barrel used – all of which establish the pricing tier of the project.

The new graphics will be on all subsequent releases throughout the year; each beer within the tier will have its own color to delineate between brands. Sang du Chêne will be the first Tier 2 to be released, while Kentucky Peach (set to release in early March) will be the first Tier 3, followed by Apricot in April, which will be the first Tier 1.

In addition to the labels, Cascade has unveiled a restyled logo, already seen by many on its social media channels. According to Tim Larrance, vice president of sales and marketing, “The new logo was incorporated to represent who we are and what we do at Cascade. The C logo is shaped with barrel staves to pay homage to our barrel aging process (no kettle sours here). The crossed hammer and spigot represents the tools used for the tapping of the barrels, while the dropped line in the A in Cascade reflects the snowcapped Cascade Range where our name comes from. In addition to adding the year we were founded (1998), we have also included PDX and ORE because we are incredibly proud to be from this city that is home to some of the best beers and breweries anywhere in the world.”

The new label and logos were developed by the team from Murmur Creative of Portland, as well as Kirsten Karkanen (granddaughter of the Cascade’s owner Art Larrance), who helped with the initial designs.


2017 Release Calendar

2017 has at least 17 beers scheduled for release both on draft and in bottle from Cascade Brewing. The brewery will continue to offer its top sellers, including the award-winning Kriek (rated the #1 sour beer in America by the New York Times), Apricot, Blackcap Raspberry, Blueberry, Figaro, Manhattan NW, Noyaux, Sang Noir, Sang Royal and The Vine. In addition, the cellar team has been working on a number of new projects, seven of which will be released this year.

“Our brewing and cellar staff have taken our sour offerings to a whole new level that promises to blow your mind,” stated Tim Larrance, VP Sales & Marketing. “We are so excited to share these new projects with sour beer lovers worldwide.”

Following are the new projects coming this year, followed by a scheduled release date. Larrance noted that when working with barrel aged sour beers, the beer determines when it is ready, not the other way around; therefore, release dates are subject to change. Some offerings will be very limited; all releases will have approximately 25% of the total production available in draft.

Sang du Chêne 2015: Meaning “blood of the oak,” this project showcases sour blond and triple ales aged in three distinct oak vessels: red wine foudres, toasted French and American oak puncheons and Cognac brandy hogsheads. Oak influences are the highlights, providing flavors of toasted sugars, vanillin and spice that are complemented by the bright acidity and fruity character of the base beers. Sang du Chêne captures the marriage of wood and beer at its finest. Scheduled for release in February.

Kentucky Peach 2016: This is a blend of sour wheat and quad ales aged in bourbon and wine barrels for up to 16 months with fresh, Northwest-grown peaches. This limited project offers flavors of ripe peaches and warm bourbon with hints of oak and a light malt sweetness. Scheduled for release in March.

Tangerine Dream 2015: Last produced in 2011, this extremely limited release is a blend of blond and quad ales aged in bourbon and wine barrels for up to 18 months with tangerine zest, mandarin zest, apricots and vanilla beans. Rich and complex, Tangerine Dream captures flavors of fresh tangerines, bourbon, vanilla and toasted malts. Scheduled for release in March.Crazy Navel 2016: This features a sour blond ale aged in oak wine barrels for 14 months with freshly zested Cara Cara navel Orange zest. Last year we did a small, draft-only project and it was a huge hit, so this year we are taking it to the masses. Scheduled for release in June.

Framblanc 2016: Made for only the second time (first run was very limited), Framblanc features a blend of sour blond and triple ales aged in oak wine barrels for up to one year with white raspberries. Utilizing fruit grown less than 12 miles from our Blending House facility, this project showcases bold flavors of raspberries, grapefruit zest, white cranberries and peaches. Scheduled for release in August.

Cascade Collaboration with The Bruery: Details are still under wraps, but Cascade will use something grown in the state of Oregon while The Bruery will use something grown in Southern California. Scheduled for release in September.
Rose City Sour 2016: The cellar team infused sour wheat ale with a unique blend of dried rose hips, rose petals and hibiscus tea crafted for Cascade by Tao of Tea. Rose City Sour features flavors of roses, cranberries, watermelon, grapefruit and hibiscus tea. Scheduled for release in October.
Rounding out the year will be the release of Noyaux 2015 in April; Kriek 2016 and Apricot 2016 in May; Manattan NW 2015 in June; Figaro 2016 in July; Blackcap Raspberry 2017 in August; Sang Noir 2016 in September; The Vine 2016 in November; and Sang Royal 2016 in December. Blueberry 2016 was released earlier this month. Each Cascade project is named for the year the fruit was picked.

Sour Fruit Fest 2017

Returning February 22 – 26th the Sour Fruit Fest will feature more than 50 exclusive Cascade sour fruit beers on rotation throughout the week, with at least 25 sour beers on tap each day at the Barrel House, and 10 at the Raccoon Lodge. The Barrel House will also offer a savory/sweet food pairing menu and vintage bottles for sale. The event is free to attend, beer sampling costs additional.

The following five beers will headline each day at both locations:

Wednesday, 2/22: Cherry Bourbonic
Thursday, 2/23: Crazy Navel
Friday, 2/24: Cherry Vlad
Saturday, 2/25: Kentucky Peach
Sunday, 2/26: Tangerine Dream

At the Barrel House, in addition to the above named beers, Cascade’s existing lineup of fruit beers will be on tap daily, including Apricot, Elderberry, Figaro, Kriek, Manhattan, Noyaux, Sang Noir and The Vine.

Joining the lineup on a rotational basis will be Autumn Apple, Autumn Orange, Black Light, Blackberry Dusk, Bump N’ Rind, Cerise Nouveau, Elderberry Blonde, Final Blend Down, Framblanc, Gin Gimlet, Grape Expectations, Honeycot, Indigo Montoya, Lemon Drop, Mango Dango, Oh Noyaux You Didn’t, Pater, Peche Crancesca, Phoenix Mountain, Pineapple Tango, Rising Tide, Rose City Sour, Sang Royal, Bourbon Bada Bing, Shiro Plum, Shrieking Violet, Spice Bowl, Spiced Cran Apple and Violet Tendencies.

Additionally, the popular Honey Ginger Lime will be available on the Barrel House’s nitro tap throughout the event.

Sour Fruit Fest runs from noon to close daily at the Cascade Brewing Barrel House – aka House of Sour – located at 939 SE Belmont St. and at the Raccoon Lodge and Brewpub, 7424 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy.

Follow @CascadeBrewing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for real time updates on the beer schedule, or visit To find out what is pouring at the Raccoon Lodge, visit

About Cascade Brewing
Cascade Brewing has been a pioneer in the sour beer renaissance since 2006 and the proud innovator of the Northwest Sour Ale. Its distinctive sour beer blends feature fruit forward, barrel-aged ales with an emphasis on project year-to-year variation. These beers offer a complex array of flavors derived from the acid, the fruit and the residual flavors present in the barrels in which they age. The resulting beers offer a complex array of flavors and aromas derived from with each project year release capturing the unique subtleties of that year’s growing season. Cascade’s sour ales are brewed and blended in Portland, Oregon. RateBeer named the Cascade Brewing Barrel House as Best Brewpub in Oregon in 2016, as judged by the worldwide beer enthusiasts at RateBeer and calculated from their many reviews.

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