Introducing CONTESSA™ a new U.S. cultivated Noble Hop Variety

Hop growers and brewers alike are constantly looking for the next innovative hop varieties, one of the latest us a U.S. cultivated hop with German noble hop characteristics called Contessa™ The new hop is described as a cross between Fuggle and Cascade and is said to be perfect for lagers, and a unique flavor for other styles that call for more subtle varieties.

Hopsteiner, a vertically integrated hop supplier and grower boasts that Contessa is perfect for lagers with it’s aromas of floral fields, light pear, soft green tea, and lemongrass. With it’s relatively low 3-5% alpha-acid content and 5-7.4% beta-acids, the chemical makeup of Contessa may make it’s way into the burgeoning dry-hopped lager trend epitomized by Italian-style Pilsners.

Hopsteiner says the name “contessa” was a customary title bestowed upon a woman of nobility in certain European countries. So they felt their latest elegant hop breed would be worthy of this title of nobility.

According to Hopsteiner, Contessa’s™ aroma lends a smooth and delicate bitterness while delivering an elegant fragrance, making it a perfect fit for the lager beer style and unique addition to many others.  

Contessa™ was born in Yakima, WA under stable growing conditions of the Pacific Northwest (PNW). The PNW offers great advantages for hop growing, but none better than consistency. Because Contessa™ is a U.S. cultivated hop variety, there are additional shipping and availability advantages to be had for U.S. brewers.

Samurai Artist
Samurai Artist

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